You close your eyes and try to scream at yourself to wake up.

But instead of hearing yourself screaming, you only hear a low rasp, which scares you at first until you realize that it is you that is making that horrible noise. Your throat is too dry for a proper scream, and you frown in frustration while stubbornly keeping your eyes closed.

As you wait, you start to feel tired, and you find yourself first sitting, then laying down while telling yourself that you are not scared to open your eyes, you're just too tired to open your eyes -- has nothing to do with fear, honest...

The distinct sound of a ball hitting wood rapidly, causes you to finally open your eyes in surprise. Sitting a little ways away from you is a girl playing with a paddle ball. And yet, the more you watch her, the more certain you become that she is not a girl at all, but a living doll. Her body is made of wood, her hair is made of yarn, and her eyes and mouth are painted onto her face.

What do you do?