You stay as still as a statue.

Your unicorn friend gallops straight for you, but at the last moment he leaps over your head to land directly behind you. You turn around to see your friend open his mouth and shoot a rainbow beam of pure power at a huge cube of gelatinous ooze. The ray beam slowly melts the slime cube until there is nothing left.

Closing his mouth, your buddy turns to you and says, "I thought I told you to brush your teeth every morning. See what happens when you don't practice good dental hygiene? You get attacked by gelatinous cubes!

But enough of that for now, I'm just glad you're alright. Now which ice cream flavors would you like for dinner: Chocolate, Honey, or Sour Green Apple?" To your utter astonishment, you look to your left and see an ice cream truck sitting in the middle of the field of flowers. You could have sworn that the truck hadn't been there two minutes ago, but there it is now. The world is a strange and magical place...

What do you say?