You pick up the puppet and put it on your hand.

"That's better," says the pirate puppet. "Thanks!"

"What was your name again? I can't remember anything," you say to the puppet.

The puppet laughs and says, "My name is Pirate Percy, nice to meet you again." The puppet gives you a gracious bow.

"Well met, Pirate Percy, let's get out of this fly infested place," you say to your new companion as you step outside the shed into the night.

No trees, no buildings, nothing obstructs the moon and star light that shine on the wasteland before you. Turning in a circle, the only structure with a roof is the shed you just left. Everywhere you look are the ruins of trees and small buildings, dotted with huge craters in the earth.

In the distance you can see a tall tower.

Percy says, "hey look, there's a hand."

You look down to where he is pointing and see a broken doll's hand in a mud puddle.

What do you do?