You leave the hand in the mud.

"Shall we go to the tower?" Percy asks.

"Sure, why not?" you say as you and Pirate Percy begin the long journey to the tower.

With luck and your puppet pal's keen eye, you are able to find food and water along the way, and it is several days before you finally reach the foot of the very tall tower. It is made of gray stone and so tall you cannot see the top. You knock the knocker on the huge iron door and wait to see if anyone is home.

A lady in a brown dress and navy blue apron opens the door. Her hair is horribly matted against her head, and she smells like she hasn't bathed in over a decade. "You're back! I knew you'd come back," she says with a smile. Then she looks past you in confusion. "Where's your brother?"

"What brother?" you ask her.

"What do you mean, 'what brother?' The brother you've been traveling with and who refused to help me in my quest. Now where is he?" she says.

You have no memory of a brother, and look at Percy for help. "He is gone, Ms. Victoria. We don't know where he is," the pirate says, saving you from answering.

"That's Dr. Victoria if you please. Well, I can't say I'm sad to see he's gone -- never did like him much," she says as she motions you to come inside the tower. You step inside to see a large room. In the room are large tanks of water with humans floating inside them. A wire is attached to the top of each tank, and all the wires are connected to a huge metal rod in the middle of the room. The rod extends up through the tower and looks like it might even go through the roof into the sky above.

"So, now that your pesky sibling is gone, have you changed your mind about helping me with my work?" the doctor asks.

What do you say?