You tell Victoria that you want her tracker friend to

show you the way home. She smiles, and leads the way up a flight of stairs inside the tower. You all walk for a very long time, until you finally reach a wooden door. On the door is taped a black piece of paper cut out into the shape of a bat.

Dr. Victoria knocks on the door, and you are happy for the pause while you catch your breath.

After a moment the door creaks open a crack, and an eye peers out at you. "Who's there?" says a rough voice.

"It's just me, your land lord/doctor/friend, Victoria. I've brought someone who needs your help tracking down their home. They don't remember where they live, but if you retrace their steps, it should lead you to their house," the doc says.

"A tracking job? Such investigating would normally be below my usual standards, but seeing as the world has come to an end, and there are no other current mysteries to solve, I will take the case" says the voice, as the door opens to reveal a man dressed in a black suit, with a black cape, and a black cowl with long pointed ears. The suit has a black bat on its chest. He looks at you then at Percy who waves. Shaking his head, the man leads you down the stairs and out of the tower.

Percy says good bye to Dr. Victoria, and you are on your way. You follow the tracker man for a very long time, until finally he stops. "Here is where you came from," the man says indicating a large metal door in the ground.

You look at the door, then at Pirate Percy. The puppet shrugs, and you thank the caped man for his help before attempting to open the door. It does not move. "Try knocking on it," your pirate pal says. You wrap your knuckles on the door and wait for an answer. Nothing happens.

"You call that a knock?" the cowled man asks in disbelief before taking his fist and pounding on the door so hard you can feel the vibrations through your sandals.

After a moment the door opens, and a happy looking man in black robes shouts, "It's Jamie! Jamie's back!" Your tracker nods his head in satisfaction at a job well done, and leaves you to the cheering robed man. The man pulls you inside the ground, and leads you down a long tunnel to a large room full of black robed people cheering for "Jamie." The booming sound of a staff hitting the ground quiets down the crowd, and the people part to reveal a tall black robed man with a large wooden staff.

"It is good to see you again, Jamie. But where is your brother, and where are the supplies we sent you to the surface to fetch for us?" asks the tall man.

You and Percy explain how you lost your memory, and your brother was dead when you woke up. The tall man says, "I am very disappointed in you, Jamie. We will have to take your puppet away from you as punishment until your more capable brothers and sisters return with food and medicine." With great sadness, you give up Pirate Percy to the tall man, and watch as a small group of people walk up the tunnel toward the outside door.

Everyone waits for the party of people to return with food until the only food left will only last another month. Then the tall man sends out another party of people to search for food and the previous party. You wait until there is only a week's worth of food left, and the tall man sends out a third party to search for food and the other two parties. As your supplies dwindle down to one more day of food left, the tall man sends out every person who can still walk, but keeps you and himself behind to care for the sick. No one ever returns. The food runs out and to stop his people from turning toward cannibalism, the tall man takes a ceremonial silver knife and stabs everyone in the heart.

You are dead.

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