You tell the good doctor that you would rather not talk to a tracker.

Trackers are unreliable and just take you around in circles without getting anywhere. You and Percy agree that finding your own way home is preferable. Victoria shrugs her shoulders in indifference, and sees you out the door so you can continue on your way.

With Pirate Percy by your side, you walk due east, away from the setting sun. You occasionally find food and water in the wasteland to sustain you on your journey, but not much else for many many days. But then on the horizon, you spot a huge shape in the distance. As you get closer to the shape, you see that on one side is a large pile of dirt, and the other side is half of a circular structure. It looks like someone threw a giant pie pan and it crashed into the ground causing the huge pile of dirt.

After a lot more walking, you finally get close enough to see the details of the giant pie pan, and you see that it is not a pie pan at all, but living quarters for someone. As you approach, you see stairs descending to the ground from the middle of circle, and an open door from which you can hear...singing?

What do you do?