You happily run into the ocean.

The water is cold, but you don't care -- it's the ocean! Ignoring Percy's complaints, you wade into the water up to your neck and Percy begins to gasp. You try to ask him what is wrong only to discover that you are also gasping for breath. A pain explodes in your chest, your legs slip out from under you, and your head fully submerges into the water...

After what feels like an eternity of pain under the water, slowly the agony subsides and to your surprise, you watch as sea creatures of every size, shape, and color begin to dance and sing right before your very eyes. "Are you seeing this?" you ask Percy.

"If you are asking if I see the octopus singing the national anthem while a puffer fish does back up dancing, the answer is 'yes, I see that stuff,'" says Percy in a high pitched, squeaky voice.

"Good because for a minute there, I thought I was going crazy," you tell your puppet pal as a shark serenades a salsa dancing killer whale.

What do you do?