You and Percy travel east with a song in your heart and

a smile on your face. As the days pass, you feel yourself begin to slip into despair. The landscape never changes, every where you look is death and destruction. Eventually you stop looking at your surroundings, and just walk staring at the ground. You forget why you are walking and cannot be roused from your depression no matter how hard the little puppet tries to make you smile. And yet, something seems to be pulling you forward, because you do keep walking despite the lethargy.

Finally, after a very long silence from Percy, you suddenly hear the pirate cry out in surprise. You look up at him and he says, "look at the ground -- it's sand! We've come to an ocean!" And to your shock and amazement, you focus on the ground, and see that he is correct. Sand covers every inch of the ground in front of you, and looking up into the distance, you see a line on the horizon indicating what might be an ocean. But there is only way to be sure: keep walking.

And so, you walk and after many days and nights, you are able to echo Percy's cry, "it is the ocean, I can see it!" Once again, joy fills you, and with a happy shout, you and Percy march toward the water.

When you finally get to the water's edge, you stop and have a look around. The beach stretches to the north and south with nothing to be seen by the naked eye in either direction. The ocean in front of you is a beautiful deep blue in the day light, and you would love to go for a little swim.

What do you do?